velvet amp head -120W solid state pure jazz sound for guitar 

with a detailed eq section and a great reverb.

NINYO 100W  HEAD  - light weight  version of the jazz baby , can be produced with or without reverb

price - 1500ש"ח 

 A special cabinet for ninyo amp -100W 16 ohm 25cm depth 38cm height 47cm width 

A pure round and clear sound for jazz.

design and hand made to meet the higest demend for a crystal clear  solid state jazz tone. works great with pedals and always keep the sound transparent .

minimum 8ohm load 

1X8 ohm 


220V MAINS 50/60hz 

JAZZ BABY 112 - 100 WATT 12" speaker  back amp figure 

has the same great analog digital reverb circuit of the jazz baby

this amp has more volume and a deeper low end than the jazz baby 10" due to the 12" speaker and wattage.

price - 3000ש"ח 

VELVET -100 WATT combo with a great blend of analog  and digital reverb circuit , and a high headroom solid-state  design for  preamp and power sections,all hand made and biased by ear.

a very uniqe warm sounding amp for a clear round jazz tone.

price - 2800ש"ח